Enduring performance and passenger and driver safety are our engineering priorities. Scania bus chassis are fully adaptable for varied capacity, accessibility and road conditions.


Our dashboard design puts the driver first and offers a flawless operating experience. All controls are placed for intuitive use, while the Scania driver support package offers real-time suggestions and feedback during journeys.

Cruise with full Control

The fully adjustable Scania steering wheel ensures that every driver has all essential controls close at hand. It gives access to the on-board computer as well as the cruise and downhill speed controls via the combined Scania Opticruise and Retarder control.

Perfect Pedals

Driving is safer, more comfortable and good for your posture with Scania’s ergonomic pendant pedals. They’re designed to maintain comfort for hours on end. Scania active prediction also helps to optimise speed and gear choice with live GPS road analysis.


Our engines, transmissions and chassis components are legendary for their reliability and impressive service life. This means outstanding fuel economy, lower emissions and more uptime for your finished vehicle.

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Built to your specification

​The Scania chassis is built to your specification. Configuration flexibility allows for a great variety of bus and layouts for local and regional travel.

Your Passengers

Scania buses and coaches are built to last and perform day in, day out – whether it’s a 10-minute bus journey or a two-week coach trip. Scania robustness and quality minimises workshop stopovers, helping you maximise revenue.

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Your Passengers

Happy passengers means more people taking public transport and using private transport services. From weekday commutes to grand tours, every journey on a Scania bus or coach is an opportunity to increase mobility, lower emissions and improve everyday life.

The versatile Scania bus fleet is ideal either for short-distance services or longer journeys. Our buses combine superb city agility with high passenger comfort and sustainable alternative fuels.

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finance options

Scania Financial Services exist to help your business grow.

Always seeking innovative ways to adapt and improve, we understand that you need a partner that can offer industry knowledge and expertise.

We can provide flexible financing tailored to your needs, providing predictable costs and manageable risks – over the entire lifecycle of your vehicle.

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finance options
Maintenance Plans

We tailor maintenance plans that fits your business, ensuring maximum uptime, increasing productivity as well as decreasing disruptions in your daily operation.

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