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SCANIA Parts supplies hold up whilst Scania truck production is temporarily stalled.

A global chip shortage during the past year has caused a major delay in production and is now leading to complete production stops across the automotive industry globally.

This shortage was recently exacerbated by Covid outbreaks in countries where chips are manufactured and apparently is now causing the latest stoppages.

Scania is pausing production at its truck plants in Europe for the whole week.

Meanwhile many customer trucks that have been produced are being delivered to dealers without some “non-essential” components fitted. Westward Scania are currently managing to source the parts from Scania Spare Parts Logistics Centre and retrofit the components before the truck is finally delivered, but of course this is highly dependent on parts supplies coming through on time.

For now, Scania Parts logistics is performing extremely well at keeping the existing Scania Trucks, Buses & Coaches, Marine & Industrial engines working. Westward Scania and the Irish Dealer Network introduced new logistics routines and increased their spare parts stocks in advance of Brexit and by having this additional stock “on the shelf” is helping the situation for now.

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McNamara Logistic’s 8, 2021 Scania New Gen’s!!

McNamara Logistics has taken delivery of  8 Scania 650 S cabs in 2021. These 8 Scania’s come in a variety of configurations. There is a mix of 4×2, 6×2 midlifts, and 6×2 twinsteers. Seven of the 8 trucks have CS20H cabs while one is an S Normal height cab. One thing is common, these are top spec Trucks and are powered by Scania legendary 16 litre V8, a true Drivers dream

One of a Kind:
In January Joe took out 4 650’s together. This included one special Scania that went to Joe’s son Liam. This truck truly is one of a kind and is a great addition to the highly impressive all Scania, McNamara fleet.

Joe took out the remaining 4 later in the year. Two in February and the remaining two in early May, which updated his fleet just in time for the rapid business expansion seen since Covid restrictions have lifted.

Thanks to Joe for his continued business and support, and all of Westwards 52 employees wish everyone at McNamara Logistics’ all the best with their 8 new 650’s.

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Nicholas O Brien’s 650S 8X4*4

Nicholas Westward

It was a happy day for Nicholas O Brien as he took delivery of one of the most unique 8 X 4’s in the country. As you can see from our numerous Social media posts over the past few months we were quite excited about this truck. Not many trucks warrant a post when they are at an “Incomplete” Stage. The post of the unfinished truck reached almost 1 million views!

Scania 650s Rigid 8x4*4 incomplete
Scania 650s Rigid 8×4*4 incomplete

The truck itself is a Scania 650S 8X4*4, which means the first and last axle steer, while the third and fourth axle are driven. The body system on the truck has the ability to change from a tipper to a flatbed body which Nicholas uses the majority of the time for transporting concrete blocks from his base in Roadstone County Galway. The truck has this swap functionality due to the quality work carried out by Thomas Small and Sons bodybuilders in Claregalway, County Galway. Nicholas explained to us how easy it is to perform a change of truck bodies and that he can complete the whole task in under eight minutes.

Same but Different:

Nicholas explained to us about his business and operation and where the love for Scania began.

I started off driving for my father over 20 years ago, driving Hino’s and after a few years of that, I branched off and went out working for myself. I’m with Roadstone now over 22 years. I got the first Scania in 2000 and haven’t looked back since

Scania 650 S Block Lorry
Nicholas 650 loaded with blocks in Clifden

Nicholas explained to me the differences between his older model 580 and his new 650.

A lad I know who had an R series tractor unit and he changed it for a NTG S cab, said there was no comparison between the old PGR model and current NTG. I didn’t believe there could be such a difference. But the way the new model truck handles the road, the quietness when you’re inside the cab and every other little detail is what really sets the newer model apart

When asked what was his favourite aspect of the NTG compared to the PGR series, Nicolas said:

“If I had to pick one difference I like the most it would have to be the improved steering lock. The lock on the 580 was great, I couldn’t fault it. But the lock on this truck is even better and I didn’t think that was possible. But all in all it’s a combination of every little detail, the truck is the same in terms of wheelbases and configuration but there is no comparison between the two trucks”

The new truck is certainly an eye-catcher

Nicholas explained to me how he is blown away by the reaction he has received on his new 650S.

My previous truck was a 580 hp Scania of the same 8 x 4 configuration, and I didn’t feel it got the attention it deserved but this new 650 I have now has blown me away with the amount of attention it has received. Between all the text messages, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages I am genuinely delighted.


Scania 650 S 8X4 Yellow
Scania 650 s 8×4*4

Eric and everyone at Westward Scania wish Nicholas all the best with his new Scania and we look forward to seeing pictures of this truck hard at work. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more up to date posts. Why not build your own version of this truck like Nicholas did on the Scania configurator 



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The Importance of the First inspection

Scania S650 Delivered

You may think when a truck is sold, we just “forget” about it as soon as it is delivered to the customer. This is very far from the truth. As with any product that is for sale, it must meet certain safety and performance standards.  A truck has many moving parts, and a lot is expected of it, often covering 150,000km or more in its first year and carrying heavy loads. When we take delivery of a truck it comes in a transportation state and not fully ready for the road!

Cattle truck
Micheal Gallagher Cattle Truck in Workshop.

Our workshop technicians carry out a PDI (pre-delivery inspection) on the new truck, an important step to ensure everything is in working order before it reaches our customers. In the case of a rigid truck with a body, this process is lengthened as our Scania technicians have to inspect the body of the new truck as well as the Scania chassis and make sure that all interfaces are correct. When all these checks are complete and our workshop is happy the truck meets all safety and performance requirements, it is then ready to exit our gates with the happy customer.

6 Week Check:

After 6 weeks or 10,000km (whichever falls first), we recall the truck to our workshop to carry out its first inspection. This is mainly a safety check but can include software updates. Items such as tyres, suspension, exhaust, lights, engine, and gearbox are checked to ensure they are in good working order. The experienced eye of our technicians ensures your vehicle gets a thorough inspection to ensure you are safe, comfortable, and happy in your new Scania.

Scania Technician working on Cattle truck
Scania Technician working on Cattle truck

Call our workshop today if you would like to book a CVRT test or for any HGV maintenance you require. Follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more regular updates. Why not have a read of Some of our previous articles?

The Importance of the First inspection
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Dillon Livestock and O’Toole Livestock have taken delivery of their new Cattle trucks

Dillon Livestock Truck

Dillon Livestock and O’Toole Livestock have taken delivery of their new Cattle trucks. Both of These trucks were sold by Kevin Concannon and both have larry Byrne Bodies Fitted.

O’ Toole Livestock:

Seamus O’ Toole from Ballinrobe Co. Mayo took delivery of his new P360 specified with a 6X2 configuration. Seamus chose a P series cab which was a  great choice, as it looks smashing with the new livestock body.

O Toole Livetstock Front

Dillon Livestock:

Dillon livestock took delivery of a range-topping Scania G500 B6X2. This truck has a 500hp engine with a 6X2 configuration. Some of the spec include Leather seats, Internal + external storage compartments, Scania “infotainment+” radio & navigation system. Larry Byrne Engineering built the body on this impressive machine and it is evident how much time and craftsmanship goes into making these bodies. Pictured here at the handover are Morris Dillon and Padraic Dillon with Westward’s Kevin Concannon

Scania check, complete:

Before any truck leaves our premises, our vastly experienced workshop technicians go through every detail of the truck and make sure every component on the truck is functioning correctly. Whether its tractor units or a rigid truck with a body, every part of the truck must be checked thoroughly. As we are the last point before the vehicles goes out on the road, the body of the truck must also get a thorough check to ensure that all interfaces with the chassis are up to our quality standard.

Scania cattle truck

Like what you see? contact a member of our sales team, if you are in the market for a new Truck.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date with all things Scania.

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Joe Cooley Takes delivery of His new S650.

Joe Cooley S650

Joe Cooley Takes delivery of His new Scania S650.

This truck is going to turn heads and catch plenty of attention out on the roads! The truck is finished to a very high standard with all the driver comforts that any driver would require. At a glance, you notice the maritime blue as distinct to the standard white, but on closer reflection, you see the level of detail and work that has gone into this truck. The colour coded sun visor, the black glass panel behind the driver’s door with chrome strips to the roof light surrounds. Joe’s finishing touches are evident with his choice of Kelsa lobar and roof bar. If you look really closely, you will see that Joe has the amber marker lamps in the visor to match the lights in the Kelsa bars.



This truck was sold by Eric Treacy, Sales Executive, Westward Scania. Eric and all the team here at Westward Scania wish Joe many happy and safe miles in his New Scania Truck.

Joe Cooley Takes delivery of His new Scania S650.

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Order your 2021 Scania now

It may be late July, but already we are now ordering units for January 21 delivery. We have ordered a wide range of stock in many configurations. Tags, Pushers, Twinsteers, and 4 x 2’s. If our stock is not to your liking we can place a fresh order for you, but please be advised we would need to receive orders before the end of august for Jan 21 Delivery as we are now in December production. Order your 2021 Scania now

650’s are the business

From speaking to our customers, we have received many great positive reviews on the 650 engine. Already it is becoming a bit of an icon. Since its launch its being the most popular Scania engine on the Irish Market. The 650 engine is SCR only and develops 3300 N/m of torque. Is the 650 the right truck for you? Contact our salesmen today and who will be happy to talk through specs with you

Scania S650 Highline

Must-haves for 2021:

If you are in the market for a new Scania truck, have a look at these cool features you should consider specifying on your new truck. Contact our sales team, who would be delighted to talk you through these wonderful features. Order your 2021 Scania now

V8 Pack: Red and black features fill the cab of a V8 Scania. This includes the dash, seats, door cards mats, and even the steering wheel:

Alloys: Durabright alloys reduce the weight compared with an equivalent steel wheel rim. The lower chassis weight enables a higher payload and improves suspension performance. They look very cool too. Hubs can be painted in a variety of colors.

Storage: Scania products are designed to put the driver’s comfort first always. Scania products come with a range of storage options, which make clever use of the space within the cab. Some of these include Overhead storage and external storage compartments.



Driver must-haves: If a driver is working and living in a truck, they deserve the best Scania accessories. Scania has designed solutions that will help a driver keep healthy and provide them an area to prepare and store food.

Full Catwalks: Full catwalks make it possible to walk across the entire chassis and avoid stepping on delicate parts. They look extremely cool as well.

So contact Westward Scania or your local Scania representative and they will be happy to discuss the features above and show you many more options available to you when specifying a Scania. Do not forget the deadline for January orders is fast approaching so order now to avoid disappointment. Order your 2021 Scania now

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Westward VTN Centre reopening Monday the 15th

Some good news! We are delighted to announce is that our Strokestown CVRT Test centre is returning to full operating capacity as of Monday the 15th. June, 2020. We will be commencing all CVRT Testing, ADR testing and Type approval testing from Monday. We have taken a number of provisions to ensure the safety of our staff and customers, so if you are on-site please adhere to protocols we have in place. As you can appreciate there will be a backlog of vehicles to be tested. Please call Jane or Cathal on 07196-34542 (with your Reg Number) and we can decide on a date to get your vehicle tested.

About our Facility:

We have a purpose-built CVRT Testing Centre on our premises in Strokestown operated by fully qualified CVRT testers. The state of the art testing facility has two light vehicle testing bays and one heavy good vehicles (HGV) bay. All of the testing bays are fitted with the very latest in computerized testing equipment, which complies with the latest EU regulations. We are also approved for Whole Vehicle Type Approval and ADR testing.

Click here to go on to the CVRT page of our website. 


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David Simon Transport goes from strength to strength

David Simon Transport Scania S520

David Simon Transport was established in 2014.  A company based near Geevagh, Co. Sligo, David is an owner-operator and is a real example of what hard work and dedication can achieve. In his own words David says, “We try to specialise in offering a more personalised service to customers than a lot of the bigger hauliers cannot do, due to their size.”

The majority of David’s work consists of transporting goods via flat trailers, fridges, containers, and curtain-siders all across Ireland and sometimes further afield to the UK and Europe. An average day for David consists of loading containers in Dublin port he says “these loads can be for delivery to any part of the country, from a house delivery to a multinational company”.

David’s Trucks:

David Simon Transport currently run two Scania trucks, A 2019 Scania S520 and a 2003 Scania 164 480. David say’s

“Since I started driving trucks, Scania has always been my preference in trucks. The attention to detail for the driver has always been something I have admired from Scania as well as the performance and comfort. In 2016 I bought a new R450 top line from Westward Scania, from sales to service, and everyone in between I have never been let down by anyone which prompted me to go back and in 2019. I traded the R450 for a new S520 Highline”

When asked about his latest purchase Scania S520

“So far I’m very happy with the way the 520 is performing. It has the extra horsepower but doesn’t come with a big fuel penalty in return. I think it’s a great combination of power and economy”


Why choose Scania?

“As time is a huge factor to my business, reliability is of the utmost importance. Scania trucks have always been known as a long lasting reliable product. Some of the older models I have driven down through the years have had near 2 million kilometres on them and still going strong. The resale value of Scania trucks especially the V8 models has always been a great benefit in the long term also.

“It leaves you with an asset and not a liability”

What has being your favourite truck throughout the years?

“I’ve always been a big fan of the 164. These were the real driver’s trucks from a legendary era in trucking. I still have one working every week, if they’re looked after right these trucks will go forever and put a smile on your face every time you turn the key!

COVID 19 and other Challenges

Covid 19 has really shown how vital our supply chains are, how has it made your work harder?

“Covid 19 has tested us all in so many ways both in business and of course on a social level. One of the biggest challenges any trucker in Ireland faced on a daily basis was simply getting fed. Even now it’s still not easy as a lot of the regular truck stops are closed and the sad part is some may never open again.

During Covid 19 it was clear to see the strong industries in this country as they never ceased. Agriculture mainly comes to mind, we cannot forget how important agriculture is to Ireland, when everyone else was at home the farmers and the truckers never stopped to keep shelves stocked”, according to David.

Bar Covid 19, what are the main challenges facing owner-operators such as yourself? 

“Road haulage has always been a challenging industry. In recent years getting people with a genuine interest in driving has proven difficult. I think more money and time needs to be invested into this by hauliers and by the government, as we’ve all seen recently truck drivers play a very important role in the economy and incentivising more professional people into this industry defiantly needs to be looked at seriously”



Hard work pays off:

Everyone at Westward Scania was delighted to hear of David winning “Owner Driver Haulier of the Year 2020”.  This award celebrated the best in class for owner-operators. and it was nice that David’s hard work was rewarded. We wish David continued success and we are delighted he choose Westward and Scania.


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Westward Scania’s CNG Gas R410 A6 X 2 *4 Demonstration unit is working well.

CNG Gas Demo Unit

Westward Scania’s CNG Gas R410 A6 X 2 *4 Demonstration unit is working well!

Today the transport sector is a major source of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel. This means the transport sector is ideally placed to reduce emissions.

Our customers across the country are under pressure to reduce their carbon footprint. All the pressure is on our customers, but where do they turn if there are no options?

Scania have seen this need and have begun to offer a range of alternatively powered vehicles. Some of these include, electric, hybrid, LNG and CNG. All of these have the potential to reduce C02 emissions in Ireland.


So why aren’t we selling Electric + Hybrid HGVS yet in Ireland?

Scania has a product ready but Irelands Infrastructure is not ready. Westward and the Scania dealer network pride themselves on understanding their customer’s needs and their transport task. The infrastructure/National Grid is not ready in Ireland to cope with the fuelling of HGV Electric/Plug in vehicles.  But the Government are working on providing a solution to overcome this Infrastructure issue.


CNG currently is the most sustainable and Practical fuel source available on the Irish Market for HGVS. The CNG engine operates quite similar to a petrol engine. Gas is stored in a fuel tank, A CNG fuel system transfers high-pressure natural gas to the engine’s combustion chamber. The pressure is then reduced to a level compatible with the engine fuel injection system, the fuel is introduced into the intake manifold or combustion chamber, where it is mixed with air. The fuel-air mixture is then compressed and ignited by a spark plug. There is no exhaust gas after Treatment involved on a CNG truck.

First Rear Steer CNG tractor Unit ever Built:

Westward and the Scania dealer network listened to what our customers were saying. We saw the need for a “sustainable/green” product that would suit the Irish market. We already have many 4 x 2 CNG units operating in Ireland. Westward Scania’s CNG Gas Demonstration units have been very well received.  Unfortunately for many of our hauliers a 4 X 2 configuration is not suitable for their work due to the limitations on GTW. After some months of communication with the Factory, the first ever CNG A6X2*4 was built.

So Far so good

Due to the Covid 19 the “gas roadshow” had to be postponed. However we were able to get 3 roadshow events completed. These took place in Delaney Commercials, AOC Commercials and T Nolan’s & sons. The idea of these roadshows was to promote the CNG tractor Unit and for Potential customers to test drive our new demonstration unit




After the roadshow, the truck has being out with different customers across the country. We have to be certain before the truck goes out that the customer has a supply of CNG and the route the truck will be working is close to a CNG fuel source.The first trip the truck did was from Dublin port to Belfast (358 km) with an average GTW of 30 tons it completed this journey and still had Gas in the tanks.Following this the truck went to the south west of the country to Clean Ireland. The truck is operating between Shannon Co Clare and Littleton in Co Tipperary.  Brian Lyons, General Manager of Clean Ireland has being a great pioneer for CNG trucks in Ireland and has worked very well with us with R410 gas demo, Detailing exactly how the truck is performing and what parts need improvement.

Every day a learning day

As it’s the first CNG A6X2*4 ever built of course there will be some “teething” problems and we are working closely with the factory to resolve this. Whilst the Demonstration unit has being out we are learning every day how a CNG truck performs under different transport tasks within Ireland. We have made different adjustments to its Set up whilst out on Road. For example we have added a roof air deflector and limited the Top speed of the truck. We have made lots of other tiny adjustments that will all add to extending the range of the truck.

To see how Scania can reduce your carbon footprint with CNG  Click here  Contact our sales team if  or email us at