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New V8 Deliveries, Beirne Express & Moylan Construction:

Beirne Express Freight is a family-run business specializing in National & International Haulage. This new Scania 660 S series adds to an already impressive fleet. This Scania S cab, has all the driver comforts needed for doing trips across Ireland, the UK & Europe. A huge thank you to the Martin and all the Beirne family for their continued business and support over the years.

Moylan Construction & Utilities is a family-run business located in Tulsk, Co.Roscommon.  With a total distance of 7 miles between Westward and Moylan construction, they become our nearest-ever sale of the New Generation Scania. Best wishes to Paul and all the Moylan family with the new V8 and we wish them every success with the new Scania.

Pictured below is Paul Moylan collecting the Keys of his new Scania off Eric Treacy.



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Busy first week of deliveries

With January well underway the first week of handovers did not disappoint. The first unit we delivered was a Scania 660 tag to Robinstown haulage. This fully loaded 660 comes with the following spec, Durabright alloys, colour coded full catwalk, Perimeter kit, led headboard, colour coded top kelsa bar with six oval LED lights, Air horns, V8 Pack, and far too many more to list. Best wishes to Raymond with his new 660 and many thanks for the continued business.

Brian Grennan Transport have taken delivery of this special R590 Tag. Finished in J Grennan’s & Son’s livery, this blue tag certainly stands out. A lovely truck, that is specified to an incredibly high standard which is the norm for Brian Grennan Transport. A massive thanks to Brian Grennan transport for their continued business. Keep an eye on our socials for more updates from Grennan’s…


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SCANIA Parts supplies hold up whilst Scania truck production is temporarily stalled.

A global chip shortage during the past year has caused a major delay in production and is now leading to complete production stops across the automotive industry globally.

This shortage was recently exacerbated by Covid outbreaks in countries where chips are manufactured and apparently is now causing the latest stoppages.

Scania is pausing production at its truck plants in Europe for the whole week.

Meanwhile many customer trucks that have been produced are being delivered to dealers without some “non-essential” components fitted. Westward Scania are currently managing to source the parts from Scania Spare Parts Logistics Centre and retrofit the components before the truck is finally delivered, but of course this is highly dependent on parts supplies coming through on time.

For now, Scania Parts logistics is performing extremely well at keeping the existing Scania Trucks, Buses & Coaches, Marine & Industrial engines working. Westward Scania and the Irish Dealer Network introduced new logistics routines and increased their spare parts stocks in advance of Brexit and by having this additional stock “on the shelf” is helping the situation for now.

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Nicholas O Brien’s 650S 8X4*4

Nicholas Westward

It was a happy day for Nicholas O Brien as he took delivery of one of the most unique 8 X 4’s in the country. As you can see from our numerous Social media posts over the past few months we were quite excited about this truck. Not many trucks warrant a post when they are at an “Incomplete” Stage. The post of the unfinished truck reached almost 1 million views!

Scania 650s Rigid 8x4*4 incomplete
Scania 650s Rigid 8×4*4 incomplete

The truck itself is a Scania 650S 8X4*4, which means the first and last axle steer, while the third and fourth axle are driven. The body system on the truck has the ability to change from a tipper to a flatbed body which Nicholas uses the majority of the time for transporting concrete blocks from his base in Roadstone County Galway. The truck has this swap functionality due to the quality work carried out by Thomas Small and Sons bodybuilders in Claregalway, County Galway. Nicholas explained to us how easy it is to perform a change of truck bodies and that he can complete the whole task in under eight minutes.

Same but Different:

Nicholas explained to us about his business and operation and where the love for Scania began.

I started off driving for my father over 20 years ago, driving Hino’s and after a few years of that, I branched off and went out working for myself. I’m with Roadstone now over 22 years. I got the first Scania in 2000 and haven’t looked back since

Scania 650 S Block Lorry
Nicholas 650 loaded with blocks in Clifden

Nicholas explained to me the differences between his older model 580 and his new 650.

A lad I know who had an R series tractor unit and he changed it for a NTG S cab, said there was no comparison between the old PGR model and current NTG. I didn’t believe there could be such a difference. But the way the new model truck handles the road, the quietness when you’re inside the cab and every other little detail is what really sets the newer model apart

When asked what was his favourite aspect of the NTG compared to the PGR series, Nicolas said:

“If I had to pick one difference I like the most it would have to be the improved steering lock. The lock on the 580 was great, I couldn’t fault it. But the lock on this truck is even better and I didn’t think that was possible. But all in all it’s a combination of every little detail, the truck is the same in terms of wheelbases and configuration but there is no comparison between the two trucks”

The new truck is certainly an eye-catcher

Nicholas explained to me how he is blown away by the reaction he has received on his new 650S.

My previous truck was a 580 hp Scania of the same 8 x 4 configuration, and I didn’t feel it got the attention it deserved but this new 650 I have now has blown me away with the amount of attention it has received. Between all the text messages, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages I am genuinely delighted.


Scania 650 S 8X4 Yellow
Scania 650 s 8×4*4

Eric and everyone at Westward Scania wish Nicholas all the best with his new Scania and we look forward to seeing pictures of this truck hard at work. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more up to date posts. Why not build your own version of this truck like Nicholas did on the Scania configurator 



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New V8 Range

Scania New V8 engines offer record level power and vastly improved fuel efficiency. The new V8 engines can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%. There are also potential fuel savings with the new G33 gearbox range in combination with new rear axle ratios. This provides real savings for the haulier and the environment.

  • Four new V8 engines with fuel savings of up to 3%
  • 530, 590, 660 and 770 are industry leading V8 engines (2800 – 3700Nm Torque)
  • New faster rear axle ratios make these engines the most energy efficient ever by Scania
  • Low internal friction, updated Turbocharger and smart auxiliaries
  • Updated after treatment system
  • Alternative fuels; HVO possible on all new V8’s, Biodiesel available on the 590HP.
  • Driveline weight savings

“While shifting to fossil-free transports, we all must do everything to improve our current solutions,” says Alexander Vlaskamp, Executive Vice President, Head of Sales and Marketing at Scania.

The fuel savings are the result of extensive fine-tuning and development by Scania engineers. The 70 new engine parts help reduce internal friction, increase compression ratios and improve the after treatment system. These new engines are complimented by a new and powerful engine management system.

For more information on the new V8 range available from Westward Scania, contact:

Kevin on 071 9634504 or

Eric on 071 9634573 or

Westward Scania also have a great range of V8 merchandise, click here to have a look.


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Reeling in the Years with Scania 141

Scania 141 RTE Archives article

Reeling in the Years back to 1979 from the RTÉ archives, featuring the classic Scania 141 and a young 12 year old Gerard Keogh making his ‘dream come true’ by getting a chance to travel around Dublin in the mighty Scania 141. The classic look of the Scania Truck may have changed a bit over the years but the legendary reliability of the Scania has not.

This segment of ‘Youngline’ offered viewers the chance to write in and request for their dream to come true. Youngline was a once weekly, half-hour magazine show for younger viewers. This was Gerard’s week.

RTÉ’s Conor McAnally reports for ‘Youngline’ on 15 November, 1979. Check out this classic clip by clicking on the picture below.

Scania 141 RTE Archives
A trip around Dublin for a young truck enthusiast in 1979 courtesy of Youngline RTÉ.

Copyright- RTÉ archives.



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Connectivity key to keeping the wheels turning in Co. Roscommon

Speedogistic Westward Scania

Yesterday, our Managing Director Joe Crann spoke to RTE’s Fiona Alston as part of their Boost My Business initiative. Here is a copy of the interview:

Strokestown, Co. Roscommon is home to Westward Scania – importers, distributors and dealers of Scania trucks and coaches since 1976.

“We are one of the largest private importers of Scania products in Europe,” says Joe Crann. “They mostly own their own network throughout Europe, but we’ve remained as a private company.”

The company, which was founded in 1959, has seen more than its fair share of global economic issues so when the country shut down in March this year it was just another bump in the road.

Fortunately, business did not grind to a complete halt for Crann. The workshop and parts sales were deemed an essential business to transportation to keep trucks on the road.

“I worked from home and a lot of the staff working in sales were working from home – probably not having a lot to do most of the time,” he continues, “but the guys in the workshop were busy because trucks kept running – we could see that about 60% of hauliers were still running and were doing about 60- 70% of their normal mileage.”

With around 30% of the heavy truck market in Ireland, they did feel the pinch at the construction sites. “Trucks are very different to cars – the volumes sold are a lot smaller, but then naturally, they’re a lot more expensive to buy – it’s a much smaller market,” he explains.

Tour Coach Industry Westward Scania

One industry that has been greatly impacted by Covid is the coach industry. “The tour coach industry is absolutely on it’s knees. There are customers with maybe sixty or more coaches parked up,” says Crann.

“The only coaches really running on the roads today are Bus Éireann, they are probably our single biggest customer. They’re still running as a public service, but the private guys are absolutely in a terrible state,” he adds.

Sales had pretty much ground to a halt but slowly things are starting to pick up for that arm of Westward Scania. “We’re getting reasonable inquiries for the new year and we have ordered stock in from Sweden,” says Crann. “Look, we’re hopeful – I mean, we’re hopeful that we don’t go backwards.”

Kiernan Milling Westward Scania

While many companies in the Connacht area are still awaiting decent broadband infrastructure, Crann had found himself very grateful of his ability to avail of a good connection in their rural location in the small town of Strokestown.

“All our staff have remained working. We still have some staff that we’re allowing to do some work at home,” says Crann.

With poor broadband in the area they had invested heavily in their IT and broadband. “If we hadn’t done that, we would have really struggled and I suppose we were fortunate that we’re big enough we could afford to do that. It is definitely an issue for a lot of small businesses. It’s something that really does need to be focused on by the Government. They need to make sure that the broadband rollout is carried through now more than ever,” he adds.


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The New Adventures of Vabis the Scania Truck

Vabis The Scania Truck

Earlier this year, Emer Conlon released the sixth book in her children’s Vroom-Town series. Titled ‘The Adventures of Vabis the Scania Truck and the Sleeping Volcano’, this book is a Scania Official Licensed Product and introduces a new Scania truck to the already endearing cast of characters.

When thinking of a name for the new truck, Emer thought that Vabis would be a nice ‘nod’ to the history of Scania. Vroom-Town is a wonderful place where all types of trucks live, work, play and have exciting adventures!

“I came up with the concept for the series even before Disney made movies about cars and planes,” says Emer Conlon. “The initial idea for the Vroom-Town books came from my day job as Marketing Manager of a Scania dealership in Ireland. I would see little boys and girls coming in to the forecourt with their fathers to collect their brand new Scania trucks. The children looked in awe at them and I thought I am going to write books about trucks!” Emer Conlon continues.

The books are written for children 2–7 years. The 2-year olds love the pictures and as they progress through the ages, and the older children, read the books by themselves. But, above all, Conlon loves doing storytimes in schools, libraries and corporate events – she has read to thousands of children in Ireland, the UK, Spain and the USA.

As with the other five books in the Vroom-Town series, the new book deals with social issues such as bullying and the importance of friendship and kindness, as well as taking the children on a terrific adventure. Kind and brave Vabis encounters new less benevolent adversaries during his adventures, but will he be able to save his friends?

“I get a lot of good feedback from parents and children – the excitement and engagement on their faces as I read the story makes all of the hard work worth it. That’s humbling. Hopefully, my books will contribute to attracting future drivers and dealers to the profession and indeed bring a ‘softer’ and positive side to the industry.”

This book is available from our webshop, click on the link below to find out more.


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20% off t-shirts August Bank Holiday

August Bank holiday Sale banner

Get 20% off all t-shirts during our August Bank Holiday promotion. Check out our selection of men’s, women’s and kid’s t-shirts.

Use discount code tshirt20 when checking out. The 20% discount will automatically be applied to your order.

This is a limited offer for the first 50 orders. Only one voucher per customer and this code cannot be used in conjuction with another promotional code.

This offer expires midnight 3rd August 2020. Get yours while stocks last!

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Driver and Passenger PPE from Westward

Irizar Driver Protection

Maximum safety for the driver and their passengers.

At Westward, we have worked closely with Irizar to develop a solution to minimise the risk of Covid – 19 infection.

Irizar protection driver


The solution is a driver’s compartment partition panel and specific passenger seat protection panels for the Irizar i6S, Irizar i6, Irizar i4 and Irizar i3 low entry coach models.


These solutions are developed and manufactured with
materials that comply with the regulations of the current
legislation regarding safety and driver’s vision.


Irizar Passenger Protection


We will continue to innovate and provide our customers with new resources and solutions with the aim of protecting the driver and passengers and to encourage the use of public transport in this new scenario. Available for Irizar i6S, Irizar i6, Irizar i4 and Irizar i3le.

Complies with EU regulations:

  • Regulation 107 Regarding interior fitting
  • Regulation 118 The behaviour of materials in fire
  • Regulation 46 Indirect vision systems
  • Regulation 80 Energy absorption

For more information on cost and availability, contact Patrick Carton:

Phone: +353 71 9634561

Mobile: +353 87 8205192


Brochure: IRIZAR PPE Brochure

Currently available from Westward