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New V8 Deliveries, Beirne Express & Moylan Construction:

Beirne Express Freight is a family-run business specializing in National & International Haulage. This new Scania 660 S series adds to an already impressive fleet. This Scania S cab, has all the driver comforts needed for doing trips across Ireland, the UK & Europe. A huge thank you to the Martin and all the Beirne family for their continued business and support over the years.

Moylan Construction & Utilities is a family-run business located in Tulsk, Co.Roscommon.  With a total distance of 7 miles between Westward and Moylan construction, they become our nearest-ever sale of the New Generation Scania. Best wishes to Paul and all the Moylan family with the new V8 and we wish them every success with the new Scania.

Pictured below is Paul Moylan collecting the Keys of his new Scania off Eric Treacy.



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Busy first week of deliveries

With January well underway the first week of handovers did not disappoint. The first unit we delivered was a Scania 660 tag to Robinstown haulage. This fully loaded 660 comes with the following spec, Durabright alloys, colour coded full catwalk, Perimeter kit, led headboard, colour coded top kelsa bar with six oval LED lights, Air horns, V8 Pack, and far too many more to list. Best wishes to Raymond with his new 660 and many thanks for the continued business.

Brian Grennan Transport have taken delivery of this special R590 Tag. Finished in J Grennan’s & Son’s livery, this blue tag certainly stands out. A lovely truck, that is specified to an incredibly high standard which is the norm for Brian Grennan Transport. A massive thanks to Brian Grennan transport for their continued business. Keep an eye on our socials for more updates from Grennan’s…


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McNamara Logistics have taken delivery of seven Scania 770 S cabs.

Roscommon-based McNamara Logistics has taken delivery of seven Scania 770 S series. These 7 units are to join the already highly impressive all-Scania fleet.  Some of the specs on these units include: Air Front + rear, V8 Pack, Durabright alloys, Kelsa Lightbars, ADR spec, Driver + Package, led premium package + to many more to mention. Check out the full gallery here:

A massive thanks to Joe & Family for his continued business, Everybody here at Westward Scania wishes McNamara Logistics every success for the year ahead and the very best of luck with the new units.

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McNamara Logistic’s 8, 2021 Scania New Gen’s!!

McNamara Logistics has taken delivery of  8 Scania 650 S cabs in 2021. These 8 Scania’s come in a variety of configurations. There is a mix of 4×2, 6×2 midlifts, and 6×2 twinsteers. Seven of the 8 trucks have CS20H cabs while one is an S Normal height cab. One thing is common, these are top spec Trucks and are powered by Scania legendary 16 litre V8, a true Drivers dream

One of a Kind:
In January Joe took out 4 650’s together. This included one special Scania that went to Joe’s son Liam. This truck truly is one of a kind and is a great addition to the highly impressive all Scania, McNamara fleet.

Joe took out the remaining 4 later in the year. Two in February and the remaining two in early May, which updated his fleet just in time for the rapid business expansion seen since Covid restrictions have lifted.

Thanks to Joe for his continued business and support, and all of Westwards 52 employees wish everyone at McNamara Logistics’ all the best with their 8 new 650’s.

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Nicholas O Brien’s 650S 8X4*4

Nicholas Westward

It was a happy day for Nicholas O Brien as he took delivery of one of the most unique 8 X 4’s in the country. As you can see from our numerous Social media posts over the past few months we were quite excited about this truck. Not many trucks warrant a post when they are at an “Incomplete” Stage. The post of the unfinished truck reached almost 1 million views!

Scania 650s Rigid 8x4*4 incomplete
Scania 650s Rigid 8×4*4 incomplete

The truck itself is a Scania 650S 8X4*4, which means the first and last axle steer, while the third and fourth axle are driven. The body system on the truck has the ability to change from a tipper to a flatbed body which Nicholas uses the majority of the time for transporting concrete blocks from his base in Roadstone County Galway. The truck has this swap functionality due to the quality work carried out by Thomas Small and Sons bodybuilders in Claregalway, County Galway. Nicholas explained to us how easy it is to perform a change of truck bodies and that he can complete the whole task in under eight minutes.

Same but Different:

Nicholas explained to us about his business and operation and where the love for Scania began.

I started off driving for my father over 20 years ago, driving Hino’s and after a few years of that, I branched off and went out working for myself. I’m with Roadstone now over 22 years. I got the first Scania in 2000 and haven’t looked back since

Scania 650 S Block Lorry
Nicholas 650 loaded with blocks in Clifden

Nicholas explained to me the differences between his older model 580 and his new 650.

A lad I know who had an R series tractor unit and he changed it for a NTG S cab, said there was no comparison between the old PGR model and current NTG. I didn’t believe there could be such a difference. But the way the new model truck handles the road, the quietness when you’re inside the cab and every other little detail is what really sets the newer model apart

When asked what was his favourite aspect of the NTG compared to the PGR series, Nicolas said:

“If I had to pick one difference I like the most it would have to be the improved steering lock. The lock on the 580 was great, I couldn’t fault it. But the lock on this truck is even better and I didn’t think that was possible. But all in all it’s a combination of every little detail, the truck is the same in terms of wheelbases and configuration but there is no comparison between the two trucks”

The new truck is certainly an eye-catcher

Nicholas explained to me how he is blown away by the reaction he has received on his new 650S.

My previous truck was a 580 hp Scania of the same 8 x 4 configuration, and I didn’t feel it got the attention it deserved but this new 650 I have now has blown me away with the amount of attention it has received. Between all the text messages, WhatsApp, and Facebook messages I am genuinely delighted.


Scania 650 S 8X4 Yellow
Scania 650 s 8×4*4

Eric and everyone at Westward Scania wish Nicholas all the best with his new Scania and we look forward to seeing pictures of this truck hard at work. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more up to date posts. Why not build your own version of this truck like Nicholas did on the Scania configurator 



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Order your 2021 Scania now

It may be late July, but already we are now ordering units for January 21 delivery. We have ordered a wide range of stock in many configurations. Tags, Pushers, Twinsteers, and 4 x 2’s. If our stock is not to your liking we can place a fresh order for you, but please be advised we would need to receive orders before the end of august for Jan 21 Delivery as we are now in December production. Order your 2021 Scania now

650’s are the business

From speaking to our customers, we have received many great positive reviews on the 650 engine. Already it is becoming a bit of an icon. Since its launch its being the most popular Scania engine on the Irish Market. The 650 engine is SCR only and develops 3300 N/m of torque. Is the 650 the right truck for you? Contact our salesmen today and who will be happy to talk through specs with you

Scania S650 Highline

Must-haves for 2021:

If you are in the market for a new Scania truck, have a look at these cool features you should consider specifying on your new truck. Contact our sales team, who would be delighted to talk you through these wonderful features. Order your 2021 Scania now

V8 Pack: Red and black features fill the cab of a V8 Scania. This includes the dash, seats, door cards mats, and even the steering wheel:

Alloys: Durabright alloys reduce the weight compared with an equivalent steel wheel rim. The lower chassis weight enables a higher payload and improves suspension performance. They look very cool too. Hubs can be painted in a variety of colors.

Storage: Scania products are designed to put the driver’s comfort first always. Scania products come with a range of storage options, which make clever use of the space within the cab. Some of these include Overhead storage and external storage compartments.



Driver must-haves: If a driver is working and living in a truck, they deserve the best Scania accessories. Scania has designed solutions that will help a driver keep healthy and provide them an area to prepare and store food.

Full Catwalks: Full catwalks make it possible to walk across the entire chassis and avoid stepping on delicate parts. They look extremely cool as well.

So contact Westward Scania or your local Scania representative and they will be happy to discuss the features above and show you many more options available to you when specifying a Scania. Do not forget the deadline for January orders is fast approaching so order now to avoid disappointment. Order your 2021 Scania now

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